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We help startups with fundraising and growth by

bringing order & sense into the finances and

by aligning business models to data & facts.

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Startup CFO as a Service

Finance Planing, Controlling & Investor Relations


Finance Plan Check-up

750 €

Do you already have your own financial plan and need an expert review?

Scope of services

  • Detailed interview regarding your questions and priorities
  • Check & analysis of your financial plan
  • 1 hour follow-up discussion on possible improvements
  • Witten summary with concrete specific optimization suggestions
  • Bonus: Checklist für finance planing


Price on request

Scope of services

  • Professional finance modeling customized for your company
  • Excel-based finance plan, enhance with company-specific KPIs
  • Turnover planning, material costs, marketing/sales costs, personnel costs and investment planning
  • Evaluation of P&L / profitability plan, liquidity plan and budgeted balance sheet
  • Strategy & optimization of the equity story
  • 3 months support after completion

➜ 50%-80% BAFA funding possible


Price on request

Scope of services

  • Professional reporting consisting of a financial plan and target/performance analysis
  • Analysis of company-specific KPIs
  • Dashboard with key KPIs and qualitative company information
  • Alignment of findings with investors, banks and other stakeholders
  • Strategic implementation of the controlling results in operations
  • Support in communicating with investors as part of investor relations


Startup CFO as a Service

Business models & growth consultancy



Expert review of the viability and optimization potential of your business idea.

Recommended occasions

Foundation/planning, fundraising, basis for business model optimization or pivot.

Scope of services

  • Documentation of the business idea in the form of a business model canvas
  • Comparison with key competitors
  • Stärken- & Schwächen-Analyse mit der Benennung des Optimierungspotenzials und Handlungsempfehlungen
  • Sparringpartner zur Unternehmens-Neuausrichtung (Skalierbarkeit, digitale Geschäftsmodelle) und KPI Entwicklung
  • schriftlicher Bericht

Business model development

Systematische Entwicklung eines tragfähigen und skalierbaren Geschäftsmodells ausgehend von Deiner Geschäftsidee.

Recommended occasions

Gründungsvorbereitung, Pivot: Neuausrichtung des Unternehmens, Entwicklung neuer Produkte, Digitalisierung des Geschäftsmodells.

Scope of services

  • Gemeinsame, von unseren Experten moderierte Entwicklung eines neuen Geschäftsmodells
  • Documentation of the new business model (description, business canvas and SWOT analysis)
  • Optional: Preparation of a finance plan to check the plausibility of sustainability and capital requirements

Would you like to learn more about business models?

Business Model Company
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Preparation of financial plan for fundraising, line of argument to investors

“I recommend Startup CFO to anyone who knows that a well-designed financial plan is the key to fundraising success.”

Severin Lauer

Founder & CEO, PEACHmobility

Development of finance plan and pitch deck for foundation & fundraising | investor relations

“Michal supported me for 1.5 years at KarmaLove with controlling & investor relations and now at my start-up with financial planning and pitch deck creation.

I am grateful for the good cooperation!”

Minou Khazaeli

Entrepreneur, Meaningful Fashion Business

Startup CFO as a Service

FAQ – When and why do I need a Startup CFO?

Why do I need controlling and a financial plan? I already know the account balance!

If you don’t have your finances under control, you’re flying in the dark! Only controlling shows us whether our products are profitable and what the cost structure looks like. Without a financial plan, you can never plausibly explain to investors or banks what you need the money for.

Startup CFO: How do we support company growth?

The Startup CFO as a Service relieves the founding team “on demand” and serves as an important sparring partner for figures and KPIs. With our support, finances become the basis for decision-making in the company.

Startup CFO: How do we support you with fundraising and investor relations?

We support you with financial planning for the pitch deck or business plan, prepare you for meetings with investors or accompany you to them. Once financing has been secured, we ensure an orderly flow of information through efficient investor relations.

Why should I deal with the business model? Iallready have a great product!

Business model development as a method makes it possible to align the company concept with the customer and their needs As your advisor and sparring partner, we support you in aligning your company with customer added value so that you don’t fall into the trap of product self-indulgence.

What is the connection between the business model and financial planning?

The business model is a qualitative representation of the logic according to which a company is to be built. The financial plan is the quantification or “translation” of the business model into figures and thus the first reality check of the viability of a business idea.

How expensive are startup CFO services?

Thanks to our experience from numerous projects and our ‘as a service’ approach, we bridge the gap to a full-time CFO in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, we are BAFA-listed as consultants, which means that many of the services we offer are eligible for 50-80% funding.

The initial consultation is free of charge in any case!