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Smart number for young companies
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CFO as a Service

Secure a consultancy grant!

We are BAFA-listed management consultants


Startup CFO as a Service

Smart number for young companies

We support start-ups in all matters relating to Finance and Business Models.

Whether financial planning, controlling / KPIs / liquidity monitoring, investor relations or business model optimization:
We support you in company founding, growing your company and dealing with investors.

… and the whole thing ‘as a service‘ – when and as much as you need.

What is our added value for you?

Financial Plan & Business Model

We help you build a solid foundation for your company. This includes drawing up financial plans, developing business models and compiling figures for growth and fundraising.

Are you Fundrasing?

We make you fit for fundraising with a professional financial plan.
After the financing has been completed, we help to build trust with the investor through convincing reporting.

We are BAFA-listed management consultants.

Many of our services are eligible for subsidies of between 50%-80% from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). We take care of the application and the entire funding process for you.

... and the whole thing 'as a service'

Whenever and as much as you need.

Startup CFO as a Service

What we do particularly well

Create a finance plan

The financial plan is at the heart of every corporate plan and reflects the business model in figures.

We work with you to create a meaningful and reliable financial plan.

Finance plan checkup

Did you created the financial plan by yourself?

An independent review of the planning assumptions and the required capital helps to uncover common weaknesses and mistakes and strengthens your back in financing discussions.

Business Modell Optimization

Business models are the foundation of every company.

We optimize your business model with a focus on increasing profitability and reducing the required investment.


Financial controlling shows you the profitability and efficiency of your company.

We can help you set up a controlling system or take on this task for you.

… because numbers don’t lie!

KPI & Growth

Company growth and scalability are the goal – but also a major challenge!

We help you to make the right growth decisions based on facts, figures and KPIs.

… because gut feeling is not a strategy!

Investor Relations

The relationship of trust with the investor begins with the investment.

We help you to organize your investor communication professionally and proactively and thus open doors for follow-up financing.

… because after fundraising is before fundraising!

Startup CFO as a Service

Free online tools for you

Valuation Calculator

Cash-on-cash valuation calculator for startups and investors

Pre- & Post-Money Valuation

Valuation researcher based on the amount of the investor’s investment

Covertible Loan Calculator

Calculate conversion price and cap table after the financing round.

Preparation of financial plan for fundraising, line of argument to investors

“I recommend Startup CFO to anyone who knows that a well-designed financial plan is the key to fundraising success.”

Severin Lauer

Founder & CEO, PEACHmobility

Development of finance plan and pitch deck for foundation & fundraising | investor relations

“Michal supported me for 1.5 years at KarmaLove with controlling & investor relations and now at my start-up with financial planning and pitch deck creation.

I am grateful for the good cooperation!”

Minou Khazaeli

Entrepreneur, Meaningful Fashion Business

Michal Dallos


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